Jul 112013

This is stupidly late, but things got a little heavy for a while.  I’ve finally gone through all the Con photos, plus chased down the ones the others took (to be fair, Yami sent me the one she took less than two days after the Con. Chaos… today).  The Con itself was pretty good, though the schedulers were tricksy folk- they scattered the really interesting panels over the entire long weekend. Which is great for people that weren’t us, as we could only make the one day. Regardless, a well run and very fun Con.


[Note: Some of the captions at the end got lost somewhere, I’ve had to just tag the names of the characters. –Yami]

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Jul 042013

I hate to do this on the heels of Kendandra’s departure (and it is looking like a permanent departure), but I’m going to call an official haitus for this blog for the month of July.

Fear not, however, my loyal followers! This was a possibility for months, but I’d hoped to have a backlog to cover the break. This has nothing to do with kendandra or with any loss of interest; instead, this is the month before my and Chaos’ upcoming nuptials, and therefore, we’re simply overwhelmed with preparations. We have plenty of fresh content and new ideas coming in August, including a new method of communicating costume design and potentially a lot more of Kae’s unique writing style. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t already liked us on facebook, please do; we’ll still be posting steamy links on the facebook page during the haitus, so it’ll give you new reading material. You can find us here.

Happy Independance Day for our American readers! Of course, we won’t be celebrating; in our little alternate universe, 1776 housed only a failed rebellion of the American Colonies from the British Empire.