Nov 292013

Welcome to the new look of Radiant Vanguard!

I’ve long complained about the old theme and how awful it looked, so we finally decided to do something about it. We commissioned a new logo from user xceptional — actually, a pair of logos, one for each site. The new skin is a freebie we spent quite some time customizing, and I’m much happier with the look now that we have an actual logo to use. Radiant Gaming has also had a minor facelift, primarily adding the new logo; the two sites are much more similar to each other now. And the facebook page has also undergone a minor facelift in the form of a new banner and profile picture; I’m going to continue tweaking those in the near future, as I’m not 100% happy with them, but thus is the way of facebook, eh?

I’m also taking out some advertisements, so if you’re new to the site, welcome, browse the archives, make yourself at home. We have some exciting posts coming up in the next month or so, so feel free to subscribe to the rss feed so you don’t miss anything.

Nov 262013

Yami, Chaos and I went to the one night only showing in theatre last night to see the 50th Anniversary showing for Doctor Who. And, okay, maybe it’s not hard-core steampunk but… one of the major plot devices (and I mean an actual doohicky, not a literary convention) was tricked out all kinds of steampunk. And a lot of the various Doctors wore sorta steam-punk-esque clothes. And… hey shut up. It’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to!




So, normally, I start out with a ‘what did we think’ before showing some pics and giving some details. Of course, pictures won’t exactly work in this case, what with the whole ‘illegal’ and ‘Kae would not enjoy prison time/fines’ deal but even the first part is hard to do in this case. See, while I can honestly and completely say the movie itself was everything you could want in a Doctor Who super-episode/movie, summing up the entire experience is… murky.  The plot was solid, the characters were- well, hellsfire. We had Ten and Eleven. In the same scene. A lot. Talking to each other and by talking I mean making fun of each other. So the movie was great, in and of itself. Well, most of it. I can’t be sure how good about three or four minutes in the middle of the bloody climax of the movie was… which leads us to…


As for the ‘total experience?’ First off- the Doctor Who fandom is full of some of the most awesome people you will ever meet. See, the theatre we went to had some technical issues come up during our viewing. After almost twenty minutes of seeing the same six minutes or so of ads, the screen goes black. Cool- it’s 7:50 for our 7:30 showing, it must be getting ready to start, right? No. Not so much start as not anything. Just black screen. In any other fandom, there would have been cursing and near riots. Instead, there were witty remarks, great ‘bad’ jokes and much whirling and humming as people tried to sonic the movie back to working right. Dam projector must have been made of wood or something… or dead-locked.  So a guy finally comes out around 8 or so to tell us they’re almost ready to start, they were just having some issues.

And it starts and things were good.  Right up until that climax I mentioned, when the sound cuts out for about ten seconds. The entire theatre, in unison, gasps and then cursed. Ten seconds later, we all start to sigh with relief as we hear something start to- wait, what? Why is- why is the Doctor advertising for freaking Adventure Time? The hell? Yeah, for a few good minutes the audio got replaced with the same ads we watched for over twenty minutes before the movie.


So pissed.


Still, they gave everyone a free ticket for later without even having to be asked, so points to them for making it right. The three of us already have plans to buy the 5oth to watch at home later- it’s entirely worth re-watching, I assure you.  Still, I’m glad we did go, technical issues aside, it was a great experience thanks to the super fans that came out to the movie.  Hope you managed to catch it yourselves- and if you haven’t… well, wait are you waiting for? Grab your fez and get started watching! Or a duster. Both are cool.

This guy. This guy is cool.

This guy. This guy is cool.

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Nov 242013

Sorry this took so long to get up. Here’s a step by step as to how I did Bob’s head wound for the halloween special; I meant this to go up just after Halloween but with my car accident, my whole schedule has gone into disarray. (Nobody was hurt, and I finally have a replacement car, but I missed out on some work I had to make up and generally fell way behind in my blogging).

Anyway, so! To apply one of those latex fake wounds, something like this from Ben Nye:

Generally you want to stick it on the face before applying foundation, so you can use the foundation to mask the edges of the prosthetic. As I did here:

just the item

Then apply foundation. In this case, he was being a ghost, so I used super pale white makeup for a foundation:

starting to apply color

With a light layer of foundation on (I planned to apply more later to help mute the blood color), I applied dark coloring to the edges of the wound: red for blood, purple and black for bruising. I use ben nye cream makeups for this, and some stage blood that came with the wound for a fresher, wetter blood look. (It claimed to clot “just like real blood!”, so I let that be the top layer).

Applying Color (1)

color 2

Then, to top it off, I broke one of those little vampire-blood capsules and let it drip from the wound itself:


Tadah! Freshly dead bob!


Some more white to finish out the ghost effect:

Whited Out Red Eye

(See how the wound looks older with the foundation on it?)

And there you have it: The making of Booberry Bob.

Nov 162013

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s pretty darn easy to find people that like the stuff you like. A quick search with pretty much any engine will find at least a few hundred hits for even the most niche of interests. Unfortunately, finding people offline near you that like your particular hobby or interest can be a lot more challenging.

Well, given that you’re on a steampunk blog (if you’re not, then I am amazed and astounded by your ability to be reading this), I think it safe to assume you like steampunk. That said, I might be able to help you out, provided you live in northern Ohio.  Introducing the Cleveland Zeppelin Union,  a fan run online community centered around the Cleveland area that ‘The CZU provides docking space for individuals and groups of all nature to exchange ideas, events, and promote all that is essentially Steampunk.’ They have a facebook page to help coordinate things and a group page on the Steampunk Empire website (which is a much more widespread umbrella organization that covers several states).

We’re somewhat new to the group, having only been to two of their events, but both of them were very enjoyable. We did a simple ‘meet-and-group’ at a locally owned coffe shop where the group did a little planning for future events- such as attending the Mixer at the Cleveland Art Museum on the first of November. The Museum was doing a ‘costume themed’ event after-hours so we all donned our steampunk attire and toured the museum as a group.

It’s rather nice getting a chance to hang out with people outside of conventions that nevertheless share your interests so both of those were great days.

Here’s to hoping that we at Radiant Vanguard get to met any of our readers in person- be sure to leave a message if you’re ever in the area.

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