Oct 172014

Oh hell yes. In this bloody gorgeous 2004 animated movie, we get to see the British ancestor of Macgyver  fight off a powerful mercantile syndicate and a shady division of the government that all want to use this (magical) steam generator ball thing to do stuff.  And a crazy old man. This movie has a very different feel than the others we’ve watched so far, being very much a ‘coming of age’ story combined with some ‘resisting corruption’ (of like three different flavors no less).  This is certainly the group favorite, though personally I would probably say AB is a very close second. The only real regret I have is that there’s no sequel (watch the ending credits- Marvel has clearly taken a pointer from this movie).


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

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Oct 102014

So, I’m sure a couple of people have noticed there are a few more Steampunk Characters that Yami and I are showing up as.

A Boy and His Automaton

Aren’t they cute?

This is Laika Leonne, the partially organic assistant automaton, and Isaac Gautreaux, her creator. The ears are more of a feature as well as a need to not leave ‘unused parts’ from construction. Issac created her to help with his research as well as doing a bit of a ‘magical curiosities’ display that help fund his trips.

As far as his personality, Isaac is rather jovial. Sure, he isn’t the most credited in the field of preternatural species or their applications to Biology, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life to the fullest. And who says that the ‘fullest’ means how long people normally stick around? There’s plenty of stories about immortal monsters and maybe, with a little luck and study, the good times never have to end.


“There’s a lot of the world to see and good times to be had. And in intend to see it all. As surely as a man can beat a bad night of cards with a good hand, he can beat death with a bit of luck, smarts, and the right ‘cards’.” -Isaac Gautreaux 

Oct 032014

Since we knew we wouldn’t have time to do the full costume, and because the Symposium’s theme this year is “Steam Wars”, we decided to make Isaac a basic green Jedi robe and then trick it out with accessories.

When searching for patterns, we narrowed down the choices to two: this excellent detailed post from SithariRog or this Instructable by MrTinkerer. We decided to go with the Instructable because it looked easier to adapt to Chaos’ plus-size frame, and because I hate math. Not that the pattern for the Instructable didn’t involve enough math already 🙂

We took Chaos’ measurements and jotted them down. I added an extra measurement for girth, since the model for the Instructable was built skinnier than Chaos is and I wanted to be sure the thing closed. I then attempted to map the measurements onto the pattern like so:

Image (2)

(Sorry for the wrinkles, it almost got thrown out before I scanned it).

Once we had the plans on paper, we used graph paper (and tape!) to measure out the pattern; I find graph paper helps me keep the dang measurements accurate, whereas a measuring tape often slips sideways and a ruler is too short. I guess a yardstick would work 🙂

By the time we had everything cut out, however, I didn’t feel confident at all about the size. So we went to Dollar General and bought some bedsheets — a cheap, quick source of fabric for prototyping.

Thankfully, it fit just fine, and we were able to stitch up the real fabric next:

A Boy and His Automaton

All done, and just in time for the con!