Oct 312013

We bought a new camera 🙂

Happy Halloween!


Nettie was always a hanger-on of no account.. until the day Dracula turned her into one of his Undead Brides, apprenticing her in the ways of Streaky White Makeup and Posing In Front Of Bats.


Lucas was always such an erudite social climber; after his hunting accident, however, he found his tongue thick and clumsy, and a strange temptation to howl at the moon…


Bob got shot. He doesn’t care much for cereal, even in the afterlife.

Some outtakes from the photoshoot:

Jun 232013

This isn’t 100% done; it definitely needs gloves and a hat, but it’s wearable. This is Nettie’s “respectable” outfit, for day-to-day going around town shopping type activities. She thinks it looks respectable and high-class 🙂 The high-class ladies in town feel differently, but then, what do they matter, Nettie likes it so pooey on them.





How’s it look? I definitely need gloves I think 🙂

Mar 242013

As I write this, the coat for Ricky’s first costume is structurally complete, though missing buttons, trim, et cetera. I’ve taken these photos from the final fitting. First the coat by itself:


Kendandra tries on the coat bodice alone:



Then we pinned the skirt-portion on:




Finally, liking how it sat, I stitched the two pieces together and he modelled for the rest of the group:

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I was worried about the wrinkles in the back, but a little tugging shows that it’ll look just fine after I iron it. Which I haven’t done because I want to wash the lingering chalk marks off first.