Movie Night: Mutant Chronicles Post Movie Chatter


If you’ve made it this far, then definitely keep going- we watch the deleted scenes and do a little research that actually explains a little bit of the movie. And Chaos rants a lot. We all rant a bit but… I almost think the movie insulted his mother (an awesome lady, by the way) by […]

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Movie Night: Mutant Chronicles Part Two


Wow, still with us? Either our snark-fu is stronger than even┬áI think it is or you’re really bored. Due to my arrogance, I am certain it is the former. Also possible is that you pre-gamed with great skill and focus and have progressed to the point where you don’t know better. ┬áRegardless, thanks for wat- […]

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Movie Night: Mutant Chronicles Part One


Last warning folks- if you’re not drinking yet, it probably won’t have kicked in when you need it. Which is about twelve seconds after the movie starts.

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Movie Night: Mutant Chronicles Pre-Movie Chatter


Alright, here’s the first bit! I would suggest cracking open the first of whatever alcoholic beverage you prefer if you plan on watching along with it. This movie needs some pre-gaming.

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