Aug 272013

Hey everybody following the group. I wanted to take a little time to throw something out while I’m working on the next prop.


Also classes started and I’m trying to learn a new language and things are a little nuts. That said, I wanted to talk about aesthetic. Yeah, I know, engineer talking about something that doesn’t have to do with function. I’m kinda bad in that regard. Just ask Yami about anything where we try to decorate.

To start off with, I want everyone to go ahead and listen to this:


If this isn’t new to you, then either you’ve tried to shop for props online or you’ve seen Yami post about it. Now, it’s not saying that it’s bad to HAVE gears on things. In fact, one of the bigger prop builds I’ll be starting in a couple of weeks might have some visible gears in places. But the thing about THAT is that it’s going to be a mostly mechanical prop and the gears kinda give it a look akin to some pocket watches. You can see that back of them and watch all the little pieces move and appreciate the work that must have gone into making it.

Look at all the little gears!

Look at all the little gears!

And that’s what I mean by aesthetic. I want to give off a particular idea and I pick things that’ll help it along. While costumes are the foundation on which a character or persona is built, the props are the extra touches that make them more original and unique. Anyone can wear a top hat, but it takes a special sort of character to have moving bits on it for a theme. Hmm….maybe that should be it’s own post. Tell you what, anyone reading this, tell me a couple of themes you’d like to see props for and I’ll make, find, and describe what I can about it and maybe help people along! If it gets good enough, it might become it’s own segment I’ll do bi-weekly.

Thanks for watching and look out next time when I put on some brainy specs and talk about science!

Not shown: Fight with steampunk Cyberking. Seriously, that was a thing. Go look it up.