Dec 252014

If you follow Epbot, you’ll know they’ve been doing a Harry Potter theme this year. Since we couldn’t have a tree in our apartment by order of the fire marshall, we decided to redo our living room into the Gryffindor Common Room πŸ™‚


Jan 052014

Remember way back when when we were gathering inspiration for a christmas wreath?

Well we’d planned to get it done before Christmas, but…. moving happened. Lots of moving. Our home is still in boxes! I had to buy a new gluegun because we simply could not find my old trusty blue one >.>

But nevertheless, we bundled up into the snow and stopped by the local Michaels craft store and bought ourselves a fake wreath, something like this:

bare wreathAnd a handful of trinkets, like so:

wreath trinkets

A little craft magic in the gallery below…

Special thanks to Chaos for doing all the gluing. I escaped with only one minor burn this time!

wreath in progress

And voila! It was done!

display the wreath

Of course, after this was taken, Kae and Chaos noted that it would fit around my neck, so I put my best “bling” face on and gave it a shot…

bling the wreath

My brother, the rapper, would be ashamed of my bling face.

One last shot to close on:

finished wreath

Dec 012013

So this year, we’re moving literally the week of Christmas and New Year’s: we take possession of our new place December 22, and we’re promising to be out of the old place by January 1. In light of this, we’re not doing a tree this year πŸ™

Instead, we’ve agreed to a compromise: we’re going to make a few smaller decorations, such as a fake wreath we can re-use next year, and maybe some garlands. So this post is where I’ve been collecting some inspiration πŸ™‚

First off, of course, there’s Jen from EPBOT’s steampunk wreath:

Click to view the walkthrough and details

While I like the gold embellishments, I’m not sure I want a green wreath like that. If I do go green, I’d want the items to be more tree-themed, like little clockwork birds or squirrels or brass pinecones or something, so it feels thematically together.

I found this one on Pinterest:

I believe this is by Megan Crandall Cooper, click for her facebook

I like the idea of this better, it feels more thematically solid, but it seems a bit skimpy and flat compared to a proper wreath. So as you can see, I am a fickle person and cannot make up my mind on anything πŸ™‚

This one’s from Etsy, available for purchase if it tickles your fancy:

Listing is for a totally custom work by splendidcolors, click for her store

It feels very solid thematically, with being made entirely of gears. And it’s definitely more full than the previous one. But it’s still very flat, because gears are flat.

Here’s the mistress of crafts, Martha Stewart:

Martha Stewart. Click for tutorial

This could be a nice alternative to green, I think, but I’d want to avoid making it too one-note probably. Maybe. I don’t know. Hmm.

Here’s one from a blog called Crafts n Coffee:

Crafts n Coffee. Click for tutorial.

I don’t like this style at all — too flat and silver — but I love some of the embellishments. That bird on top is gorgeous, as is the dragonfly and those cute little Victorian flowers.


So now I’ve got some solid ideas; I try not to let anything be too firm in my mind before I go to the craft store because, as I learned with Nettie’s Hats, it’s often the spur-of-the-moment inspiration at the store that helps really make the idea come together.