Dec 082013

So, I haven’t done stage makeup in years, not since I graduated with my BA in Drama. But, since I got out the kit for the Halloween special, I figured I might as well demonstrate another trick: making a nose seem broken.


You Will Need:

  • Nose & Scar Wax
  • Spirit Gum
  • “Bruise” makeup

Step one is to coat the nose liberally in spirit gum to help the wax adhere:

pic 1

Next, roll a ball of wax and adhere to the nose:

pic 2


You’ll want a makeup palette like this one from Ben Nye:pic 3

Yellow and purple make for bruise colors, and the red looks more “wound-like”. See:

pic 4 pic 5


Voila! Looks like he took a pretty good hit, huh?

Sorry this was short, I’m busy working on my next surprise 😉

Nov 242013

Sorry this took so long to get up. Here’s a step by step as to how I did Bob’s head wound for the halloween special; I meant this to go up just after Halloween but with my car accident, my whole schedule has gone into disarray. (Nobody was hurt, and I finally have a replacement car, but I missed out on some work I had to make up and generally fell way behind in my blogging).

Anyway, so! To apply one of those latex fake wounds, something like this from Ben Nye:

Generally you want to stick it on the face before applying foundation, so you can use the foundation to mask the edges of the prosthetic. As I did here:

just the item

Then apply foundation. In this case, he was being a ghost, so I used super pale white makeup for a foundation:

starting to apply color

With a light layer of foundation on (I planned to apply more later to help mute the blood color), I applied dark coloring to the edges of the wound: red for blood, purple and black for bruising. I use ben nye cream makeups for this, and some stage blood that came with the wound for a fresher, wetter blood look. (It claimed to clot “just like real blood!”, so I let that be the top layer).

Applying Color (1)

color 2

Then, to top it off, I broke one of those little vampire-blood capsules and let it drip from the wound itself:


Tadah! Freshly dead bob!


Some more white to finish out the ghost effect:

Whited Out Red Eye

(See how the wound looks older with the foundation on it?)

And there you have it: The making of Booberry Bob.