Oct 252013

Last Weekend  October 11-13, we were at Pandoracon! Unfortunately, due to poor planning, we couldn’t charge the camera, so we only got a few pictures (coming later from Kae). The theme was Labyrinth, as in the movie with David Bowie, so the decor was awesome and inventive.

Friday, due to traffic and work schedules, we didn’t arrive until almost 11pm, so we didn’t get to partake of much. Which sucks, because it means we missed the opening ceremonies we were aiming for AND the Hemingway Happy Hour afterward, so we ended up just going to bed.

Saturday was my Nettie debut~! I wore the first costume, which I ended up liking better than the second one thanks to the lack of corseting issues. I had trouble over the weekend with how my under-corset sat on my torso, I think I need to revisit how I lace it, but other than that I didn’t have too much trouble until I tried to get into the car. Protip: the flexible hoop in the hoop skirt means I can fit into the car if I don’t mind squishing the skirt in unusual and almost indecent ways. It all sorted out when I got out again, but it was kind of annoying on the drives to and from the con.

When we arrived, after I dropped my books off in the Author Program bookstore, we ended up playing some Pathfinder (more about that on Radiant Gaming soon). I dropped out to go to a book signing, then we broke for lunch. Honestly, there just wasn’t much going on in the way of panels we wanted to attend. Sure, there were Doctor Who panels practically every hour, but since we haven’t been able to stream the second half of the latest season, we didn’t want to necessarily go to every single one. I would have liked to see Makeup for the Steampunk Lady, but that’s when my book signing time was. We did go to the Costume Crafts panel, where I learned some about hatmaking I’ll probably put to use in the coming months. I did an author reading at the 10pm session, then we went to bed.

Sunday was even scarcer for things to do. We browsed the dealer’s room for a bit, then settled in and played the new Star Wars tabletop game until the end of the day, when we went home.

The dealer’s room was pretty nice though. We ended up buying a few more prints from Kiniska’s Circus (Chaos seeks her out at every con we go to), and Kae bought a few books while I got some pretty makeup. We also picked up some costume pieces for Laika, Isaac, and Bob, which we’ll surely be talking about in the next few weeks. All in all, it was a pretty quiet, laid-back end to the convention season. I’m told we’d have had more to do if we really got into the House rivalry aspect, as there were various games and so forth to win points for your house, but since it was our first Pandoracon, we didn’t partake.