Jan 052014

Remember way back when when we were gathering inspiration for a christmas wreath?

Well we’d planned to get it done before Christmas, but…. moving happened. Lots of moving. Our home is still in boxes! I had to buy a new gluegun because we simply could not find my old trusty blue one >.>

But nevertheless, we bundled up into the snow and stopped by the local Michaels craft store and bought ourselves a fake wreath, something like this:

bare wreathAnd a handful of trinkets, like so:

wreath trinkets

A little craft magic in the gallery below…

Special thanks to Chaos for doing all the gluing. I escaped with only one minor burn this time!

wreath in progress

And voila! It was done!

display the wreath

Of course, after this was taken, Kae and Chaos noted that it would fit around my neck, so I put my best “bling” face on and gave it a shot…

bling the wreath

My brother, the rapper, would be ashamed of my bling face.

One last shot to close on:

finished wreath