Sep 272014
Victorian Tech Column #3: Flight!

So, one of the first things that comes to mind when one thinks “steampunk” might be “airships”. So, how big of a deal were airships actually in Victorian times? Well, to discuss that, let’s build up some context first. Hopefully this isn’t too boring/repetitive, but well… I feel the need to set the stage. Humans […]

Sep 122014

So wow. Been a bit. But we’re coming back strong with a podcast about a movie suggested by a fan (thanks Fire Drake!).  Thankfully, we were not lied to this time, as AB was not only more steampunk than Mutant but also an enjoyable viewing experience. It’s clearly an older movie, so if you went […]

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Jul 082014

No need to adjust your television sets, folks, that’s a brand new domain name you’re seeing at the top of your screen. We can now be accessed directly at: and You may see some glitches as we complete the migration; feel free to leave a comment if something doesn’t clear up within 24 […]

May 242014

Greetings! Just a brief check-in here with some announcements about our summer lineup of programming for you all. As Chaos has taken a summer position away from the rest of us core Vanguarders, a few changes will be made to accommodate this temporary parting of ways.   The following regular series will be on hiatus until August: […]

Apr 232014
Mini post: Belt pouches in all shapes and sizes

This is just a quickie; I know I’ve been missing frequently over the past month, it’s been crazy trying to get everything ready in time for the Symposium! One of the things I needed was a lot more belt pouches, some in specific sizes and some more for looks. For Isaac’s belt, I just wanted […]