Erika Stark


Erika Stark is an engineer under the employ of Warren. She learned the trade from her father, who passed on some years ago. She lives for her work; even when not on the job, she’s constantly coming up with ideas and sketching out blueprints. Warren snatched her up years ago in the hopes that she could improve the efficiency of his airships, and while she’s done well with that, she’s also invented some pretty nifty gadgets along the way. When Warren needed to ensure that his particular airship would not be sabotaged or suffer from malfunctions with him on it, he refused to settle for less than his best engineer at his side. Constantly.

Outfit 1: 

Overalls with flight pin on front pocket and gear buttons with custom goggles.


This build was a straightforward, “omg there’s a con in two weeks” build — something casual and practical for everyday use. It was also surprisingly popular. Who knew overalls were in this season?


Outfit 2: (Primary)


Corset-vest in patterned denim over a light purple blouse with pirate-style denim clamdiggers, topped with a blue kerchief with goggles.

This build involved a lot more effort; for the first time in years, I actually built every piece of the costume instead of incorporating found objects (okay, I bought the kerchief). The shirt didn’t quite come out right, it’s a little baggy for my taste, but overall I’m pleased with it.

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