Lucas Warren


Sir Lucas Warren was born in London, the son of a highly wealthy entrepreneur whose early and wise investments in shipping and exported goods helped him rise from poverty in the Cape Colony to wealth, though not prestige, in the British Empire. His mother was a noblewoman who taught him to compensate for his dark skin with impeccable manners and a ruthless ambition for business. With the discovery of gold in the American Colonies, he was in a ripe position to expand his shipping business even further, hoping it would someday become the equal of the famed East India Company. However, a number of violent uprisings by those pesky Seperationists, still bitter about their country’s failed revolution, have recently disrupted his profits. Knowing that the best way to understand a problem is to see it firsthand, and with a taste for adventure inherited from his father, Lucas boarded an airship and headed for the Western Coast.

Outfit 1


Purple vest, black suitcoat, white shirt, black tophat

The vest was ordered online, and he provided the suitcoat and pants, but the shirt was crafted. This was sort of an “I ran out of time” slapdash outfit, and it shows — the vest doesn’t really fit all that well 🙁

Revision 1

Red and yellow vest, white shirt, black suitcoat (optional, not shown), black tophat with red and yellow feathers (feathers not shown)

This vest was handmade. The feathers were a late addition, but they really tie the outfit together, I feel.

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