Robert Owens


Robert Lee Owens doesn’t work for Mr Warren. Point of fact, he doesn’t work for anyone but himself. He’s a hired gun, plain and simple; one of the best, plus he knows the territory real well. He spends most of his income on his guns. He likes guns. He likes guns real fine. Warren hired him as a bodyguard, so for the moment he’s dedicated to the man’s survival; after this, someone else could hire him to kill Warren and he’d do it without a second thought. For the moment, though, the man’s safe: Bob never breaks a contract. That just wouldn’t be sporting.

Outfit 1:

Brown duster, brown hat, brown shirt, and Maverick with custom paint job.

We ordered the duster online and Kaelas ended up hating it. It was cheap and it really shows: it’s super lightweight, and our favorite con is in April so it’s still cold enough to need a real coat over the top. He’s hoping this outfit will be more tolerable in summer though.

Outfit 1 revision 1:


Tan duster, brown cowboy hat, plaid shirt over jeans, and a custom Maverick

The second purchased duster was lighter in color but significantly heavier. Aside from an oddly placed slit up the back, it’s a good solid garment that’s become his everyday coat.


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